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Nana by Manuel de Falla as played by Duo Roldan

Download an mp3 of Nana played by Duo Roldan (right-click and choose "save as...")

Manuel de Falla wrote in 1915 his "Siete Canciones Populares Españolas". These songs had such evocative melodies that in collaboration with Polish violinist Paul Kochanski he re-arranged them for violin and piano.

Not all of the songs were written in the same way, for instance the Jota was written by de Falla in the style of a folk music form typical of the Aragonese region in Spain. On the other hand the Nana is based on a popular lullaby from Andalucia to which he added an original harmonic accompaniment, to great effect.

The haunting melody of Nana, full of longing and melancholy but also hope in a certain way, was transformed into a Cello and Guitar version by Ana Ruth Bermúdez and Rene Izquierdo. The sound of the classical guitar, along with the vocal quality of Ana Ruth's cello, seem to be ideal for this masterpiece of Spanish music.


Naxos has some good general information on de Falla.